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Dungeons and Dragons Game Day Recap

I’ve been planning on writing up this recap of our local gaming store’s participation in the June 15th D&D Game Day event “Vault of the Dracolich” and I had a big post in my head but due to the involvement in running the event and it backing right up on Father’s Day here in the US and a forthcoming vacation that I have to get ready for I need to just post this to give my thanks and appreciation before it’s no longer relevant. So here goes…

Saturday we ran the D&D Game Day event “Vault of the Dracolich”. It was a multiple table event where separate groups of players all participated in the same story but from different areas. Basically, there was a large dungeon and each party of adventurers entered from a different area within the dungeon – all with the same purpose: Find the idols, lower the magical field and defeat the Dracolich (a big, undead dragon).

I’d never played a multi-table role playing game event before much less coordinated it but I was working with a couple of great people who were going to run the tables for me and I’d intended to be the coordinator and just run between the tables and keep all the groups up to date with what the others were doing.

As it turned out, we had 15 players signed up and ready to before “Go” time and we all had to make a decision to split the group up onto three tables. We were pushing maximum capacity as there was another event going on at the store that day. Two more players showed up shortly thereafter so it was the right decision but it forced me to sit down in the gamemaster’s seat and try and figure out how to both run a game and the event at the same time.

As luck and fate would have it, one of our mutual friends who’d sworn off D&D for Pathfinder was with us at the store and he graciously volunteered to play the part of the coordinator and he kept track of the parties, our mutual interactions, and kept up with this pesky Dracolich which was prone to wander about trying to eat the characters.

I’m going to cut out a lot of the details to wrap this thing up sooner than later but I want to say this. This was probably the best game of Dungeons & Dragons I have ever played.
I was running a great group of 7 players who thought up creative solutions to problems, made their characters do things that were creative and believable, they spoke over each other and realized they were doing it and kept going back to “let’s let everyone share their ideas”, and they made our table’s experience unique from the other two tables – just like different groups would function in the real world trying to tackle a common goal.

And with all that going on I ran back and forth between other tables to let the other gamemasters know what just happened at my table, what kind of messes we left behind the rooms we just left, and what their players would find if they followed us. My players left traps unsprung, large piles of gold and gems hidden behind illusionary walls, and had their way with the dragon’s massive vault of coins, artifacts, weapons and armor. They really had their pick of the crop with regards to the Dracolich’s cache. It was a sight to see.

So let me close out with some “thank you”s. Thanks to the folks who designed this game and wrote the encounters and the adventure, playtested it and packaged it up for us. Thanks to my FLGS, Swords and Superheroes for hosting us and making room for our group as it expanded. Thanks to the players familiar and new who came out to participate – you guys made the game fun for me, too. Thanks to David and Deryk for DM’ing the other two tables and helped keep this story moving while being completely off the rails at the same time. And thanks to Matt who stepped up and coordinated the three tables for us. It was a very collaborative event to run between us all and I really enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed rolling the dice.

A quick word about the D&D Next rules which we used. They felt fun and fluid. I didn’t feel constrained by them nor did I feel like I was “doing it wrong” when I had to make a few rulings along the way. We played the big bulk of the adventure with not minis or 1″ square play mats. We all enjoyed the theater of the mind elements but did use dice as markers a few times just to line up where everyone was located- nothing to scale, but great to help visualize. The final battle WAS on a playmat, but we really handwaved a lot of that anyway. So, I feel optimistic about D&D Next and hope you give it a try whatever side of the “Version Wars” you side on or if you’re a die-hard Pathfinder fan. And if you’re very new to the game, as one of our participants was, I hope you come in and just have some fun with it.

I sure did.

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Two and a Half White Guys Podcast–Episode 5

Episode 5 – “The Return of Eric”

Okay, the delay in getting this episode lies fully on me, Jason, for my delay in producing and whatnot.  It’s been busy at work and all that malarkey but here you go – Episode 5.

Show Notes

I’m going to try and do show notes for you this episode and going forward.  We’ll see.

Episode Highlights Episode 5

  • Welcome back Eric from your absence
  • Wedding Talk
  • Will Eric survive the Rodeo Run?  Who knows? (Hint: he did)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack chat (it was still new when we recorded this)
  • Going Prestige?
  • Naughty Girls Need Love, Too
  • More Games that aren’t Black Ops
  • Tom Selleck’s Stache
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • TV talk
  • Oscar talk (We pick the Oscars in a half-assed manner the Friday before they aired.  How’d we do?)

Note to self – we teased some ideas for future episodes; if I don’t write them down here we’ll forever forget them so forgive me.

Coming soon:  Classic video games, 100 all-time greatest toys

Thanks for downloading.  We welcome your comments.

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Two and a Half White Guys Podcast–Episode 3

What!?!  That’s right.  But Jason, how can I get this podcast loaded into my ipods?  I don’t know but I think the right answer is to put this RSS Feed into your MP3 management software and subscribe to it and it will download the episodes for you automagically.  I tried it on my Zune and it worked for me.  So, go ahead and subscribe and then it’ll autoload itself into your MP3 player every time a new episode comes out.

About this episode:  Meatball Sandwich Horseplay – Stuart tries to introduce a new segment and a witty title although I don’t think we ever get around to explaining either.

Please leave your feedback (after you listen, you wiseacres!) we’d love to hear from you.  Also feel free to suggest topics for discussion in our next episode(s).

Media from this episode – Here’s the photo of Stuart’s gift basket we thoughtfully threw together at the last minute.


Thanks for listening.

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Two and a Half White Guys Podcast–Episode 2

What?! There’s an episode 2 of some show I’ve never even heard of?  Oh yeah- you know it!

2.5WG is the brain child of a couple of buddies from work and myself.  I need to figure out how to make this into an RSS feed and post it onto various podcasting sites (Zune Marketplace, that other place where you get podcasts that I can’t say).

But for now, I’m posting it here.   Enjoy.  (Click to play or right click –> Save Target As to download and save)

NOTE: You do not have to have heard Episode 1 to appreciate listen to Episode 2.  In fact, I’m trying to find Episode 1 right now.  It might be lost.

UPDATE: I guess I should actually post a little of what this podcast show is about to get you to click the link.

About Two and a Half White Guys

Eric, Stuart and Jason talk about geek stuff.  TV, Movies, Video Games and the Internet

About your hosts: These guys work in IT and are gaming, comic-book, video games, sci-fi (or sports) nerds.  If that describes you, you might like our podcast. 


Naked Gun – Liberty City Style

OMG … I don’t know if they give awards for this kind of thing but whomever created this video deserves one.

This is a recreation of the Naked Gun TV show opening credits done entirely inside of Grand Theft Auto IV.




WKTT – Liberty City’s source for Conservative Talk Radio!


SWG Immersion

I witnessed this scene the other day in Star Wars Galaxies.  It reminded me perfectly of that scene in Episode IV: A New Hope, when all those Jedi were fighting in the streets of Mos Eisley and a guy floating a holographic emblem of the Rebellion above his head so as not to come right out and attract any attention to being part of an underground movement.

Also, if you don’t talk "in character" (or at least out-of-character by surrounding your words in ((double parenthenses)) then you’re scolded for "breaking ones immersion".

((Suck it role-players.))



Star Wars Galaxies – Immersion so real you can’t feel it


Ultimate Baseball Online – Multiplayer Baseball?

Check this out!  Play baseball with your friends online!