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End of an Era–My XM Radio

So yesterday marked the end of an era for me.  I cancelled my SiriusXM subscription.  In doing so I realized I was only 4 months away from having subscribed to it for 10 years.  I really enjoyed my time with satellite radio and wouldn’t have a problem recommending it to others if it meets their needs.  More and more, it wasn’t meeting my needs.

I think satellite radio is falling behind the times.  I can get a much better tailored music listening experience with my Xbox Music Pass, which I’ve been using for years since it was called a Zune Pass. 


FYI, the Xbox Music Pass is finally platform agnostic.  Before it was limited to Zune devices, PCs and Windows Phones.  Now you can get an Xbox Music Pass on Android and iOS, too.  Finally!

The only things I’ll miss from SiriusXM would be the unique talk content (Opie & Anthony) and Dan Patrick in the mornings.  But Dan Patrick is actually available on AM Radio and, more importantly, same or next day podcast.  O&A also have a weekly podcast which covers recent and classic breaks of their show. 

More and more I’m ending up listening to podcasts during my daily commute.  So, ultimately, that’s how my listening habits have been naturally changing over the past year.  Several times in the car when I could be listening to SiriusXM I was actually listening to a podcast or streaming music over Xbox Music. 

So, it’s with a heavy heart but not a heavy conscious that I cancelled yesterday.  They really drew first blood when they cancelled On the Rocks a year after I joined the service. Sad smile  (Footnote:  When I was trying to initially decide between Sirius and XM (clearly, this was pre-merger) it was the fact that XM Radio had a Lounge music station.  I was in the middle of a big Lounge kick at the time.  That was the sign I needed to make my decision.)


Goodbye satellite radio – I’ll miss you.


Microsoft: We Are Expanding, Not Killing, the Zune

Okay, here we go.  Official word that the Zune is not dying.  It’s safe and a really good idea to go buy that Zune 120 or one of the other awesome models available.

I own a Zune 80, 2x4GBS and a 30.  And they’re not going to up and stop working this year.  If anything, I think we’ll be seeing something really exciting on the Xbox 360 with a Zune channel that’s similar in experience to the Netflix channel I use all the time. 

So, yes Virginia, the Zune does exist.

Microsoft: We Are Expanding, Not Killing, the Zune


Zune Insider

Check out some of the goings on at CES in Vegas (baby!).

Click the following links for quick shortcuts to the video podcasts you can download for your PCs and Zunes.

Zune Insider


Zune 30s Will “De-Brick” Themselves January 1st, 2009 – Thoughts Media Forums

As the foremost authority on all things Zune among the circles I hang out in, I have chimed in on the Zune leap year problem. 

Below is my response to a post from Jason Dunn of the Zune Thoughts

Originally Posted by Jason Dunn View Post

"they [Microsoft] have some of the longest and most grueling test cycles in the industry for their software, so I’m stunned that the Zune team allowed this to happen.

Working for a software company, I can completely see how this error might go undiscovered. Yes, the Zune has a long and grueling test cycle – but for a device that’s only been out for a little over 2 years and in development for LESS than 3 – it’s kind of hard to simulate something that doesn’t happen but every four years. And while it’s easy to say "they should have thought of that and simply changed their clock" it’s very easy to miss that.

Would you have thought about it before today? I dare say that most wouldn’t.

And yes, this is a black eye the Zune doesn’t need. But any rational person (read: no one who posts in blog comments) would acknowledge that this doesn’t detract from the features of the device or of the Zune Pass service which has made great strides this year.

Please keep up the good fight against the iPod fans. This is a black eye the Zune doesn’t need – but also one it doesn’t deserve.

Link: Zune 30s Will "De-Brick" Themselves January 1st, 2009 – Thoughts Media Forums

So there you have it.  It stinks that Zune 30s stopped working today but everyone’s human and humans make mistakes.  And things fall through the cracks despite the best of intentions.  But these things happen and the Zune team jumped into action quickly to determine the problem and make a recommendation for the fix within a few hours.  Great job, guys.