Talking about Find anything, anywhere fast with MSN Toolbar Suite Beta

I’m testing out the MSN Toolbar.  The previous (‘current release’) version is a joke.  It can’t touch Google in functionality or anything else that I could mention.  But this new test version seems to have lots of new features and I’m going to give it a fair shake.  One thing I see is that they’ve added the "blog it" to your MSN Space right from the toolbar.  That’s cool.  Heck, I just used it to put this link below here.


Find anything, anywhere fast with MSN Toolbar Suite Beta

Yes, I know Google has the Blogger connection.  I’m not saying they’re not comparable tools.  I’m saying that I’m looking for extreme MSN tie ins.  I really like the Password storage feature of the MSN suite.  And I mean I’m blown away by it.  It also has nice form fill in with password – it feels a little more extensive than the Google version in that regards.

We’ll see.


QUOTE: “scrotal hyperthermia”; OOOUUUCHHHH!!!!

I’m just speechless.  I guess I have one thing to say:  If you feel an extreme hotness in your crotch, and you happen to be using your laptop at that very moment, you need to stop and evaluate your situation.  Is the laptop overheating my "cash & prizes"*?  If I move this laptop away from my swimsuit area does the pain abate?  Maybe it’s time to give Mr. Happy a break from the direct heat.  Don’t sit there until it’s too late. 

I have so much more to say about this but it’s conceivable my mom could read this some day.  I’ll just leave it at that.

If you can’t stand the heat – it’s time to move the meat.

  I can’t believe I just typed that.

* Source for euphemism: Dane Cook

And speaking of tires

Driving down the tollway this morning I saw this car pulled over on the side of the road with an obvious flat tire.

As I got closer, I noticed it actually had a "donut" (spare tire) on it.  Then I got a little closer still and observed that the donut was flat.

Call me crazy, but when you put your donut on your car that’s your reminder that it’s time to go get a real tire.  When your donut goes flat you’ve waited too long. 

The only thing that would have been funnier is if this guy pulled a bike out of his trunk and then it got a flat.  Then when he was pumping the tire with air a truck hit him.

When it rains – it pours*

* Money out of your account in order to buy tires and a new dryer.  I guess with the 70k mi. milestone under my belt it’s only fair that I buy a couple of new tires.  Oh, and the dryer stopped spinning and making wet clothes dry last night. 

It’s now official.  Dryers are cheaper to replace than fix.  If you have ever run out of ink in your printer, you know what I’m talking about.  Just like printer cartridges cost $35 each (B/W & Color) and you can buy a new printer (with included ink) for $50 or 60.  Likewise, you can buy a new dryer for $200 instead of sticking in $397 in parts to fix the stupid one you got.

Go figure.


Well- the Civic hit 70,000 miles yesterday.  And they’re all mine!  These are the most miles I’ve ever put on one car.

If I had prepared this better, I would have had some factoids about how far 70,000 miles is and given some examples of stuff like ‘how many times around the Earth I could have traveled’.  Stuff like that.

But I didn’t prepare.  Sorry about that.

Blog renamed

I’ve renamed this blog.  This service was initially launched in Japan for testing.  That didn’t stop me from setting up this blog- I just couldn’t read any of the screen so I didn’t know what to click to post new messages and the like.  Now that it’s available here in America I’ve changed the name from "I Can’t Read This" to "Jason’s Tiki-Lounge".  With that, my blogger site will go inactive (not that it was ‘active’ by any stretch of the imagination).  I understand there may be some interaction between this site and MSN Messenger version 7.  That’s still rumor I think.  At any rate, this is my new official blog.

MSN Spaces is up!

And most importantly, it’s in English.  Which means I can read what I type.

(This has been available in Japan for a few months.  I created one on that server but couldn’t read the crazy talk they do over there in Japandia.)

More on MSN blogging later.