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Thoughts on: Mad Max Fury Road

What a Lovely Day
Mad Max Fury Road Poster

So I just wanted to share a few thoughts on Mad Max Fury Road before I forget them.

I already want to see it again.  I missed seeing in on my theater’s “big screen” but I did see it in 3D.  I would recommend to anyone – treat yourself, see this in 3D.  If you can see it on a big screen like IMAX or whatever is available to you- do it.

This film is a beautiful work of art.  It’s a living painting of a world where there’s a lot of sand and beauty in complete and total desolation.  If you see it in 3D, you’ll be standing right on the edge of that painting as it unfolds and whisks by you at breakneck speed.

The best lines of the movies come from the bad guys but you really root for everyone in this movie because each character is equally weird due to their adaptation or role in the world.

Where the original movie made me think “Wow, how would the world have come to this?” but never really think of it again- this remake had me constantly marvel at what must have happened to drive all these people into this situation, into their place of power or completely powerlessness.  I was immediately attached to each of these characters – none of them were throwaways or seemingly just dropped into the film because they’re weird or malformed.  But those characters do exist and I still want to know their story.

If you have any interest in the post-apocalyptic genre you may have just received your crowning achievement.  The bar has definitely been elevated.  I hope there’s more.

A few of my favorite things to look out for – you’ll know them when you see them:

  • Heavy Metal
  • Telescope dude
  • I have a brother
  • What a lovely day

Oh, and Charlie Theron was perfect in this film.  I’d give my left arm to be ambidextrous.


Big Action Movies Coming Soon

So I haven’t been really looking forward to any movies coming soon between now and, say, Star Wars Episode 7.  That’s not entirely true, I’m looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America Winter Soldier.  But in my mind, I don’t even know when those are coming out, I don’t have firm dates or even vague ones in my mind. 

So I thought I’d sit down here and check out this Transformers 4 trailer.  I’d punched out Transformers half way through #2.  There was a #3 right?  Haven’t seen it.  Anyway, I broke down and watched the official trailer for #4 and it has Marky Mark in it.  I might be all in on this one.

Dinobots, huh? Okay.

So, since I just watched that I guess I need to check out the Godzilla trailer now.  Glad I did, I’m actually a lot more interested in seeing this now.

Oh no, there goes

So, okay, I feel better now.  I’ve seen this trailers and I’m pretty excited about both (one slightly more than the other).

How about you?